Terms and Conditions

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By proceeding to payment you agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

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In these Terms and Conditions “We”,”Us”and “Our” means Seju Services SARL trading as JET Alpine Transfers. “You” means the passengers named and/or to be carried or to be carried under a confirmed booking with us. ” Lead passenger” means the person making the booking and named on the booking confirmation and “passengers” means all those carried as part of the transfer booking.

These terms and conditions form the agreement between us under which you request and we agree to provide transfer services to you.

Booking and Confirmation

1. Capacity  – The Lead Passenger must be over 18 years of age on the date the booking is made and capable of entering into this agreement.

2. When your booking is confirmed – Your booking is confirmed when we have received payment in full. Payments are made through Monetico and we do not store your card/payment details.

3. Email Confirmation –  You will receive an email confirmation of your booking. It is your responsibility to check the details and to advise us in writing by email of any errors.

4. No liability for incorrect details  – We accept no liability for details provided to us by you that are incorrect including but not limited to flight arrival and departure times, dates of travel and address details.

5. Your personal data – please see our Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy under which we explain what, how and why we collect and use your personal data specifically your name, email address and mobile number.

6. Lead Passenger – By making a booking, the Lead Passenger accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of all passengers covered by the booking.

7. Mobile Number – You must provide us with a working mobile number on which we can contact you at the airport and in resort. If you do not do so, we may not be able to provide the transfer. We confirm all pick up times the day before travel via text message. If you have not received a text message from us by 1730 the day before you travel, please contact us.

8. Resort Address – It is your responsibility to provide us with details of your accommodation and, where required if we contact you about this, directions to that accommodation. Our services are door to door unless the accommodation is inaccessible by our vehicles, for example, in a pedestrianised resort we will drop you off and pick you up at the resort welcome point, your accommodation has security restricted access or  a road has not been cleared of snow or is too dangerous to access or if an access way is too small for our vehicles to access safely or without damage to the vehicle. If we are unable to drop you or pick you up directly at your accommodation we will drop or pick  you up at the nearest point accessible by our vehicle and you will need to get to  or from that location under your own means.

Changes and Cancellation

9. Who can make changes to your booking – The Lead Passenger is the only person who can make changes to the booking in accordance with the terms below.

10. Changes to your booking dates and/ or times-  If you need to make changes to your  flight times and/or dates please contact us by email. If we are able to accommodate the changes you require, we will confirm in writing. In some cases we may not be able to accommodate any changes and will advise you in writing that this is the case as soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge you for any changes to your booking and your amended booking is not confirmed until payment is received in full for those changes.  If you subsequently cancel your booking clause 11 below applies.

11. Refunds for cancellations – Subject to clause 29, if you cancel your booking at least 7 days prior to the first date of travel, we will refund you in full. All cancellations must be in writing via email.

12. No Shows –  If you do not arrive for a transfer and have not cancelled your booking in accordance with clause 10 above, no refund will be given. If you do not arrive for the first journey of your booking and do not contact us immediately we will automatically cancel the return leg and no refund will be given.

13. Change of Accommodation Address  – You can change your pick up and drop off locations at any time up to 48 hours before the pick up date and time provided that you advise us in writing by email and the new address is in the same town/resort. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee if the change requires us to reschedule your pickup.

14. Confirmations of Changes – We will send you a new confirmation of your transfer for any change other than a change in final pick up time ( which is confirmed by text message). If changes result in additional cost, they will not be confirmed until payment is received in full. If you make changes and do not make payment for them, we will not provide a refund for the original transfer if you choose not to take it.

Delays, Diversions and Flight Cancellations

15. Delays – If your flight arriving into Geneva ( or such other airport as from which we have agreed to collect you) is delayed we will wait as long as possible for you without adversely affecting other passengers. If your flight arrival is delayed by more than 60 minutes we may have to reschedule your transfer and this may result in a wait at the airport. We reserve the right to cancel your transfer and charge you for the rescheduled journey. We will provide details and a receipt for any additional payment to facilitate a claim under your travel insurance.

16. Diverted Flights – If your flight is diverted to an airport other than the airport to which you were originally scheduled to fly, the airline concerned is responsible for ensuring you get to your original airport destination. In those circumstances we cannot guarantee that we will be able to complete your transfer. Please advise us as soon as possible that you are being diverted and what arrangements are being put in place to get you to your original destination airport. We reserve the right to charge you for an additional transfer and will provide you with documents  to assist you with a claim under your travel insurance.

17. Cancelled Flights – If your flight is cancelled and you are unable to take your booked transfer, we will provide you with documentation to assist  in a claim under your travel insurance. If you wish to reschedule your transfer we reserve the right to charge you for your new transfer.

18. Delayed Luggage – Please contact us as soon as possible if your luggage is lost or delayed at the airport. If the delay is longer than 60 minutes after your flight landed, we may not be able to transfer you on your originally booked transfer and you may be required to wait at the airport for longer than our usual terms and conditions provide. We reserve the right to charge you for a new transfer if you are delayed in these circumstances.

19. Alternative Arrangements – We will not provide a refund if, as a result of a delay or any other circumstance, you choose not to wait for our next available transfer and make your own arrangements. We will provide documentation to assist you with a claim under your travel insurance


20. Ticket –  The email confirmation of your journey(s)is your ticket and should be presented to the driver on pickup.

21. Luggage   – Subject to clause 22 below, we will transport one normal sized hold bag and one piece of hold luggage per custom frer of charge. Your luggage must be labelled and remains your responsibility at all times. We accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to your luggage.

22. Skis, Snowboard and Bikes – Provided we are advised at the time of booking, we will transport skis, snowboards, collapsible wheelchairs, appropriately packaged bikes ( in all cases one such item per passenger). If you require transportation of other types of luggage or equipment please let us know at the time of booking. We reserve the right to charge an excess  or unusual baggage fee ( EUR20 per item).

23. Minors  – We will not transfer unaccompanied minors. All children must be included in the booking as a full passenger.

24. Smoking – Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles.

25. Alcohol and Drugs  –  Our drivers have the right to refuse to transfer intoxicated (either as a result of alcohol or drug consumption) passengers or who otherwise are considered to be behaving in a threatening or antisocial manner. No refunds will be given if carriage is refused for this reason. The consumption of alcohol or drugs in our vehicles is strictly prohibited and our drivers may refuse to continue a journey if passengers do not co-operate with this prohibition.

26. Seatbelts –  Passengers must wear the seatbelts provided. In the event of an accident our liability is limited to our insurance.

27. Child Seats – Provided you notify us at the time of booking, we will provide child security seats free of charge. If you do not request child seats in advance of your arrival and your child is required by law to travel in a suitable child seat, we may refuse to transfer you and will not provide a refund in those circumstances.

28. Cleaning / Damage Fee – If a passenger soils or damages a vehicle as a result of intoxication or otherwise we may require a cleaning/damage fee of EUR100 to be paid prior to the transfer being completed.

Adverse Conditions

29. Force Majeure – Circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from being able to complete a transfer. The following are examples of circumstances with are not within our reasonable control  and which will not entitle customers to a refund, In the event that a refund is paid which will be on a case by case basis, it will incur an administration fee of 20€ (“Force Majeure Event”):

  • accidents causing delays either on the roads or to a vehicle
  • exceptional or severe weather conditions
  • complying with a request or order of a law and/or traffic enforcement authority
  • vandalism or terrorism
  • unforeseen traffic delays
  • industrial action by third parties
  • problems caused by other transfer customers
  • matters impacting passenger safety
  • road closures
  • resort closure
  • accommodation becoming inaccessible
  • acts of God, floods, earthquake, avalanche or landslide or other natural disaster
  • epidemic or pandemic
  • war, threat of war or similar
  • fire or explosion,
  • terrorist attack, riot or demonstration.


30.   Late changes to pick up times –  We reserve the right to change your pick up time after our original notification to take account of adverse conditions. We will contact you by text message if changes are required.

31.  Road to Avoriaz – In certain weather conditions and when the road to Avoriaz is closed or otherwise unsafe or impassable, guests being transferred to or from Avoriaz may be dropped off at or picked up at the Prodains cable car. We are not responsible for the cost of the cable car journey. If we are required to pick you up from Prodains rather than Avoriaz, we will notify you by text.

32. Road to Flaine –  In certain weather conditions and when the road to Flaine is closed or otherwise unsafe or impassable, we may be required to drop you off in Les Carroz. We will not be responsible for any attendant costs including but not limited to the costs of alternative accommodation and subsequent transfer to Flaine.

33. Road to La Rosiere –  In certain weather conditions and when the road to La Rosiere is closed or otherwise unsafe or impassable, we may be required to drop you off in Bourg St Maurice. We will not be responsible for any attendant costs including but not limited to the costs of alternative accommodation and subsequent transfer to La Rosiere.

Types of Transfer

34. Shared Transfers – Passengers are deemed to have understood the conditions of a shared transfer including waiting times and drop offs etc en route. Between 0900 and 2100 during the winter season, we will endeavour to group passengers on shared transfers with scheduled flight arrival times with 45 minutes of each other. Outside of those hours and during interseason and summer wait times may be longer. Drivers will wait a maximum of 5 minutes beyond the pick up time for departure transfers. If you are not at the appointed pikc up location  on time, we reserve the right to continue the transfer without you and do not guarantee we will be able to accommodate you on a later transfer. We will not provide a refund if you miss miss your transfer. We do not operate regular shared transfers to La Rosiere, Meribel or La Tania – please see clause 36 below for our Scheduled Shared Transfer Service to those resorts.

35. Private Transfers – Private transfers will depart the airport as soon as all passenger are through. If you book a private transfer and arrive on different flights, we reserve the right, in the event of a delay to one or more of those flights, to require the entire party to wait for the delayed flight or to require the delayed passengers to book and pay for another transfer provided we can accommodate within our schedule for the day. The next available transfer may be a shared service. The Lead Passenger may request a specific dparter time from resort at the time of booking however if this is later than our recommended departure, we will require a waiver to be signed and take no responsibility in the event of a missed flight.

36. Scheduled Shared Transfers – La Rosiere, Meribel and La Tania  – Passengers wishing to book a shared transfer to Meribel, La Tania or La Rosiere must book flights that are scheduled to arrive at Geneva no later than 1300 on Sundays and to depart from Geneva no earlier than 1330 on a Sunday.  Outside of these times, we are only able to offer Private Transfers.  Scheduled Share Transfers may not leave Geneva Airport until passengers arriving on the last arriving flight ( 1300) are through. In any event, it is unlikely that a Scheduled Shared Transfer will leave Geneva Airport before 1130 on Sundays. In the event of delays that cause flights to arrive after 1300, we will endeavour to accommodate delayed passengers on the next available transfer. Please note that this may be the next day. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee and waiting times for the services may be extended in the event of flight delays. Departures from the resorts on Scheduled Shared Services will leave resort no later than 0700 on Sundays.

Our terms and conditions are subject to change  without notice. The governing law of these terms and conditions is French law